Reunions Are Back! Everything You Need For The Perfect Outdoor Party

After many months of staying at home and sacrificing seeing friends and family members, reunions are back! What better way to celebrate than throwing an outdoor party? If you’ve got grand plans, here are some tips to help you host the celebration of the year.


A party isn’t a party without food and drink. When you start planning, think carefully about the type of food you want to provide, how many people you’re catering for and how much you want to spend. There are all kinds of options available from buffets and barbecues to afternoon tea, brunch classics, canapes and picnic favorites. Plan a menu that reflects the theme of the gathering and suits your budget and taste, and add a selection of drinks. Mocktails, teas, fresh juices and options like pink lemonade are perfect for tea parties while beers, wine, cocktails and ice-cold soft drinks are ideal for barbecues and evening parties on sunny days. If you have a theme, you can use it to design customized cocktails, smoothies or alcoholic or non-alcoholic punches. 

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Shelter and shade

It’s always beneficial to cater to every eventuality when it comes to throwing a party outdoors. Whether it’s scorching or there are passing showers, you can use gazebos and awnings or investigate tent rentals to provide shelter or shade. Measure your garden, figure out what you need in terms of size and style and get some quotes. If you have structures that provide respite from the heat or shelter from the wind, you can use your garden all day long without any worries about the weather. 


Having a theme for your party can help you organize a memorable event, set a dress code and decide what kinds of decorations you want, how to plan your menu and what genre of music you want playing in the background. There is a vast range of themes you can channel for an al fresco summer party. From tropical vacations and retro celebrations to whimsical tea parties and classy, sophisticated cocktail parties, you can choose a theme that suits the occasion, your personal style and your guest list. 

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If you have guests coming over to your garden, you’ll need to ensure that there is room for them to sit down, eat and drink. Choose seating options that complement the theme and factor in your budget and the size of your outdoor area. You can do anything from laying out long benches or rugs on the ground and using sofa sets and outdoor cushions to hiring tables and chairs for a more formal event. 

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Lighting and music

Outdoor lighting and music help to add ambiance and create an inviting, welcoming atmosphere. It’s also a great idea to use lighting to enable you to celebrate long after dark if you’re hosting an evening party. Choose lighting styles that suit the vibe of the event and the aesthetic of your garden. You can buy or hire string or festoon lights, lanterns or torches, for example. Create a playlist in advance and figure out how you’re going to listen in the garden. You can use portable speakers or look into hiring a DJ or outdoor equipment for a larger event. 

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Reunions are back, and what better way to make up for lost time than throwing a party? Take these tips on board to organize the event of the year!

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