My favorite place to grab Breakfast in Toledo & win a $100 GC to your favorite Breakfast spot in Town!

Just saying the word, “brunch”, instantly lowers my blood pressure. Think about it, what comes to mind when you say the word? A leisurely morning that slowly lends itself to a soft afternoon? Perhaps lowered expectations? Or long conversations? Whatever feelings the word evokes, I think we can all agree that brunch is meant to be shared, it’s more than just a time of day or a meal, it’s an experience. An experience that requires accompaniment with family or friends, amazing conversations, and epic food, we most definitely can’t forget the food. What does one eat for brunch?  That’s simple whatever the heck they want, lol!  The only rule I have with Brunch is that there are no rules…there’s no counting carbs, calories, etc. the only thing that counts is how much that food comforts your soul. And there is one place in town that comforts my brunch soul more than any other, Al Smith’s Place.

How’d it get the name Al Smith? There was a Mr. Alan Smith years ago and a restaurant on Lewis Ave that closed and they moved to the location on Executive Parkway. We’ve been dining at Al Smith’s Place for as long as I can remember. It was a favorite of my grandmother who has since passed, and continues to be a favorite for my grandfather who’s 89 and can finally get back to his brunch gatherings with his grandkids and great grandkids at Al Smith’s Place. And yes, it’s that kinda place, a place where you come as you are, all are welcomed, even toddlers and moody teenagers, lol! Where you don’t feel like a guest, but family. The wait staff is extremely kind, accommodating, and just makes everyone feel at home.  And the food, oh my gosh the food is amazing! 

Al Smith’s offers an extensive menu, from fresh crisp salads, delicious deli style sandwiches, home-made dinners, made-to-order burgers, pies (AMAZING pie!), and my family’s favorite, breakfast! There is literally something on the menu for everyone, and if you don’t find what you want on the menu ask, seriously, if they have the ingredients they’ll whip it up. All their food is scratch-made, home-style, and delicious. And their mouthwatering breakfast menu just comforts the soul like a warm blanket on a cool autumn night.  

How do you like your eggs? You name it and Al Smith’s Place offers it, scrambled, over easy, in a skillet, eggs benedict, or my fave, in an omelet. There is just something magical about an omelet, you’ve got all these ingredients that are separate, but thanks to that magnificent egg binding them together you’ve got a meal. Fun fact, Ohio is the second largest egg producing state, producing more than 10 billion eggs each year, fascinating, right?! What’s more, those eggs make so many other breakfast foods possible, like my daughter’s favorite brunch item, chicken and waffles. The combination of sweet and savory makes her taste buds sing and her tummy do a happy dance (her words). And she’s greatly appreciative of all the hard work that went into making her meal possible, checkout the Ohio Poultry Association Egg-ucational resources and Ohio Pork teaching tools where kids can reconnect with agriculture and learn where their food comes from.

Taking time out of a busy week to reconnect with the kids over brunch at Al Smith’s Place is really a mom’s dream come true. I can come as I am (messy hair, yoga pants and all) , don’t have to cook, the hospitality is stellar, the atmosphere is welcoming and clean, and the food tastes the way vacation feels, like a real vacation, sans kids, on a beach, with a margarita good! 

Ohio is home to some of the best restaurants and diners serving up delicious breakfast creations. From benedicts and omelets to burritos and sandwiches, there are two key elements to nearly EVERY breakfast dish: eggs and bacon! Ohio egg and bacon farmers have joined efforts to bring you Best Buckeye Breakfasts, which highlights Ohio farmers’ favorite and most unique breakfast menu items from restaurants across the state while also encouraging you to share yours.

Restaurants are the backbone of our local communities. They’re where we gather and where we celebrate with family, colleagues and friends. As Ohio’s restaurant industry recovers from the devastating impacts of the pandemic, Best Buckeye Breakfasts encourages individuals to support their local restaurants and those they employ by dining in, carrying out, or sharing their favorite breakfast spots. (Source)


Win a $100 gift card to your favorite breakfast restaurant. Ohio egg and bacon farmers will randomly select five winners (one from the five regions of the state) each week for sharing their favorite breakfast restaurant and menu item.


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