My favorite place to grab Breakfast in Toledo & win a $100 GC to your favorite Breakfast spot in Town!

Just saying the word, “brunch”, instantly lowers my blood pressure. Think about it, what comes to mind when you say the word? A leisurely morning that slowly lends itself to a soft afternoon? Perhaps lowered expectations? Or long conversations? Whatever feelings the word evokes, I think we can all agree that brunch is meant to be shared, it’s more than just a time of day or a meal, it’s an experience. An experience that requires accompaniment with family or friends, amazing conversations, and epic food, we most definitely can’t forget the food. What does one eat for brunch?  That’s simple whatever the heck they want, lol!  The only rule I have with Brunch is that there are no rules…there’s no counting carbs, calories, etc. the only thing that counts is how much that food comforts your soul. And there is one place in town that comforts my brunch soul more than any other, Al Smith’s Place.

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Make-A-Wish BIG Wish Gala & World Wish Day

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!! My husband and I attended the Big Wish Gala last Friday and let me tell you, it was an emotionally charged, educational, and fun experience. There was a silent action, open bar, delicious food, live auction, amazing speakers, oh, & a puppy…it checked all my boxes!









And the speakers, omg! When Karen, a Wish Mom spoke about her daughter, her daughter’s illness, & what an amazing gift her daughter’s wish was…this momma’s heart and purse strings were tugged & the flood gates opened. It was such a raw experience; the evening took me to a place I hadn’t anticipated. Are you familiar with Make-a-Wish? Did you know that not all kids wish for luxury vacations? Did you know that granting a wish for a child renews hope & is an integral part of their treatment…it helps them fight their illness?( Stats- ◦89% of medical professionals say that the wish experience influences wish kids’ physical health. (Results from national wish impact study) And ◦99% of parents reported that the wish experience gave their children increased feelings of happiness and 96% said that the wish experience strengthened their families.) Sadly, only one out of two wishes gets granted! But not at the Gala, at the BIG Wish Gala $180,000 was raised & 22 life changing wishes will be granted for local Toledo kids!!! Thank you, Toledo!!

But there are still more kids waiting for their wish, we need you! As the old saying goes: We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give! There is a new feature event coming up, click on the clip to see the trailer…



World Wish Day is April 29th please consider donating, volunteering, and checking out all the numerous ways you and your family can get involved and help other families in our community.

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