My favorite place to grab Breakfast in Toledo & win a $100 GC to your favorite Breakfast spot in Town!

Just saying the word, “brunch”, instantly lowers my blood pressure. Think about it, what comes to mind when you say the word? A leisurely morning that slowly lends itself to a soft afternoon? Perhaps lowered expectations? Or long conversations? Whatever feelings the word evokes, I think we can all agree that brunch is meant to be shared, it’s more than just a time of day or a meal, it’s an experience. An experience that requires accompaniment with family or friends, amazing conversations, and epic food, we most definitely can’t forget the food. What does one eat for brunch?  That’s simple whatever the heck they want, lol!  The only rule I have with Brunch is that there are no rules…there’s no counting carbs, calories, etc. the only thing that counts is how much that food comforts your soul. And there is one place in town that comforts my brunch soul more than any other, Al Smith’s Place.

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