Why you need to visit the Ohio Caverns with your kids

Up for an adventure? Ready to explore? Rain or shine these underground galleries of majestic natural wonders are open! This is legit an extraordinary experience for the entire family. Why? 

It’s not your Garden-Variety Experience

When was the last time you and your family explored at a depth of 30-103 feet below the surface? At a comfortable 54 degrees fahrenheit? In a space that would be otherwise pitch black if it wasn’t for the lighting? 

It’s Educational

There’s nothing cooler than being the kid in class who already knows all about calcite formations, stalagmites, stalactites, flowstone, columns, limestone, etc. because they actually got to see the stone, minerals, and formations in person thanks to their visit to the Ohio Caverns. Children can also receive a mini lesson on going green with natural energy when they visit. The Ohio Caverns have their own solar field with photovoltaic panels that offset 100% of their kWh usage yearly and they offer complimentary solar powered electric vehicle charging stations. The solar energy they are using means that they’re saving 49,000 pounds of coal a year, 32,000+ of propane a year, and ultimately limiting their carbon footprint. Thus, though the children might not realize it at the time, while they’re exploring the caverns they’ll also be learning a lot about science, specifically geology, and even renewable energy.  

It’s gorgeous and deserves our respect 

These majestic caverns help foster not only an appreciation for the natural beauty, but also, respect for the natural beauty our earth provides. While on the tour everyone is encouraged to look with their eyes, take physical pictures, and to take as many mental pics as possible, but do not touch. In fact while on the tour the children can see what happens when everyone touched a specific stalagmite formation decades ago and how it lost its luster and beauty for all generations to come. It’s a pretty profound visual of what can happen if we are not respectful of the natural beauty our state, nations, and planet offer.  

Add to your experience…

Gem- Mining-After your tour be sure to stop off in the gift shop for a gem bag and then head to the sluice to do some gem mining!! (Price range is $6-$50)

Picnic- the Ohio Caverns have a 35-acre well maintained park with a playground, picnic shelters, other picnic areas and newly-renovated restrooms. VERY clean. So pack a picnic and make a day of it! 

The Ohio Caverns

Address: 2210 East State Route 245 West Liberty, OH 43357

Phone: (937) 465-4017

Email: info@ohiocaverns.com

Website: www.ohiocaverns.com

Hours: OPEN ALL YEAR, daily.  Summer (May-September) 9am-5pm & Winter (October-April) 10am-4pm (ONLY closes for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day)

Looking for more educational adventures to take with the family?

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