A Day in a Life of Mom: Your Guide to Finding Balance

A day in the life of mom looks different for most, but the duties and experiences that come with this title are generally quite similar. Aside from maintaining a never-ending job as a parental guardian for your children, your schedule is likely full of other responsibilities like a full-time career, cooking, cleaning, and so on. 

And while the role of motherhood may be something you will forever continue to cherish, there’s no denying how overwhelming it can be at times to fulfill all the commitments that come with it. And now, with school just around the corner, delegating tasks can become all the more difficult.

Nevertheless, finding time to yourself is critically important for managing your health and well-being. That’s why we’ve put together this motherhood guide to help you find balance!

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels.com

Embrace self-care with skin care

Even if you are a working mom whose schedule is more full than it is free, you should still make an effort to prioritize self-care in your daily routine. A day in the life of mom should not be devoted solely to other people, it should also be devoted to you as well. After all, it is your life, isn’t it?

Still, finding enough time to engage in a mindfulness practice like yoga or meditation isn’t always ideal when your plate is full. That’s why it’s a good idea to embrace self-care with skin care as this simple activity can help you feel good on the inside, while also helping you look good on the outside! 

So, if you haven’t already established a morning and nightly skin care routine, this tip is for you! Dedicating a total of 20 minutes to perform each of these regimens will allow you to take advantage of your well-being, while actively engaging in self-care. 

Aside from normal products that you’d incorporate into your routine such as a cleanser and a moisturizer, it’s also important to add a few treatment products into your regime. Specialized treatment products will make it easier for you to target specific concerns and ultimately maintain a healthier looking complexion overtime. 

Stressed moms, for example, will often experience skin issues like acne vulgaris due to an overproduction of the stress hormone cortisol. Needless to say, if breakouts are something you’ve begun to notice on account of stress, now is the time to invest in a treatment like acne medication cream. This will allow you to fully embrace self-care with skin care by actively working to fight stress acne and relax you throughout the process.

Meal prep for the week

Put simply, meal prepped moms are happy moms. Having ready-made lunches for the kids as they get ready to head back to school is a great way to save yourself some time and energy and ensure your kids are getting a well-balanced meal during the day while they’re away. 

You shouldn’t just stop there. Remember that part of a day in the life of mom means concentrating on yourself as well, which means meal prepping should apply to you too! Regardless if you are a stay at home mom or not, having to worry about making a meal for yourself—and the rest of your family for that matter—each and every day can be daunting. This can naturally cause us to lean towards more convenient options, AKA fast food and unhealthy snacks. By meal prepping, you’ll be less likely to reach for these types of food because healthy meals will be readily available to you.

You don’t have to go all out with this task, either. The purpose of meal prepping is to save you time, not to take up more of it. Keeping it simple with a side salad and chicken are delicious options that are equally as healthy as they are enjoyable. To make the entire process more effortless for you and your kids when you’re on the go, be sure to pack up your pre-made meals in food storage containers. This will prevent you from using more unnecessary Tupperware or dishes in your kitchen and seamlessly grab and go.

Make time for quiet time

Last, but certainly not least, is to make time for quiet. Finding balance means scheduling “me time” into your day. Although embracing self-care with skin care is a quick and effective way to focus on you and your health, it’s not the only thing that you should be doing in an effort to unwind. 

The amount of time you spend giving and communicating with your kids and the rest of the world around you is a lot, especially when you’re in a mom role. When you make time for quiet time, you can truly have a chance to process your thoughts and your day as a whole.

In an attempt to do this, consider starting your morning a little earlier than normal! Waking up even an hour earlier than you, and the rest of your household normally does, will serve to support your quiet time, and your overall well-being. In fact, a recent international study found that people who wake up earlier are more likely to have better mental health and performance in their everyday life. 

If you’re unable to wake up, try taking a different approach. Try talking with your kids and/or spouse about this. Being transparent with your loved ones that you want and need to have some quiet time is the best way to ensure you’re actually able to have it. Whether that means having them dedicate an hour to after schoolwork or activities or asking them to avoid going into the living room for a certain hour of the day, communicate with them to find a solution that’s ideal for all of you.

A day in the life of a mom can feel like a constant struggle, no matter how rewarding or fulfilling it may be. Hopefully, this guide can help you in your journey of motherhood and ability to find and achieve balance. Although there is an abundance of ways to approach life as a mom, these tips are a fool-proof way to get you started on the right path.

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