Tips for Creating the Perfect Focal Point

Homeowners can make various design choices to make a room stand out. Establishing a focal point is one of the primary methods. Of course, doing so is easier said than done. Luckily, making this endeavor simple doesn’t require homeowners to take interior design courses. Let’s break down the top tips for creating the perfect focal point at home. 

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Find Intriguing Wall Art

Some walls are more expansive than others, but walls are always excellent canvases for attention-grabbing art pieces. Art comes in many different styles, from abstract to realistic. That said, wall art doesn’t have to relate to a painting. Framed posters and photos can also be ideal focal points. 

When you’re using a photo as a focal point, consider choosing one that has a meaningful story behind it. Likewise, one of the many reasons to install a digital art display is its modern, intriguing look. These are two factors that can really make a focal point pop in the right setting. 

Enhance Existing Points

Art is an excellent way to grab the attention of any passersby, but some focal points can be preexisting structures, too. For example, if your living room has a cozy fireplace, you already have the perfect groundwork for the room’s focal point.

Simply spruce up the fireplace with colorful décor if you want the structure to jive better with your current interior design choices. You could add some bright colors, earthy tones, or something in between. 

Get Creative With Furniture

Furniture can be functional and simple, but it can also be more than that. One of the best tips for creating the perfect focal point is to get creative with furniture because it’s straightforward. Plus, unlike a painting, a stunning couch is a décor item your guests can walk up to and touch, sitting on it as they relax and converse.

When you want to make a couch your focal point, you should consider three big factors: size, texture, and color. To illustrate, you can find a sofa that stands out by coordinating these factors with your living room’s design.

Even kitchens follow a similar principle. For instance, installing an island that pops with color without disrupting the room’s aesthetic is the perfect way to establish your kitchen’s focal point.

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