10 Reasons Why Maumee Bay State Park Lodge is the Perfect Family Getaway (Stays for A’s)

Whether you are looking for a fun family vacation, the perfect destination for a reunion with family and/or friends, or simply a day away from the mundane Maumee Bay State Park Lodge has all the amenities necessary to provide a custom-catered experience. There is literally something for everyone, the fitness gurus, naturalists, the bookworm; those looking to jam-pack their day with activities, and those who prefer a more leisure experience. Here is a list of the

10 Reasons Why Maumee Bay State Park Lodge is the Perfect Family Getaway

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  1. Boardwalk– This is hands down my children’s (ages 5-10) favorite activity! They enjoy exploring, investigating, and observing all the swamp and marsh has to offer from the comforts of the boardwalk including, snakes, frogs, fish, birds, deer, raccoons, different habitats, butterflies etc. maumeebay 062 This is one nature walk that involves a lot of observing to keep your eyes peeled! maumeebay 076The easy, two-mile Interpretive Boardwalk trail traverses swamp and marsh wetlands and has interpretive signs, an observation blind and tower. MaumeeBay8The boardwalk is wheelchair accessible. maumeebay 094Additionally, the park offers two multi-use trails for walking, jogging, or biking: Trail – 6 Miles – Easy & Mouse Trail – 3 Miles – Easy
  2. Nature CenterTrautman Nature Center is equipped with inter-active displays, a programming auditorium, research laboratory and viewing windows. It is a state-of-the-art nature center staffed by a year-round naturalist. maumeebay 047The boardwalk trail is adjacent to the nature center. maumeebay 049Stop in for a visit before heading to the boardwalk so that you can learn about some of the habitats and wildlife that you will see on your boardwalk adventure!maumeebay 059
  3. Swimming– Maumee Bay State Park Lodge & Resort offers your family the opportunity to swim year round! MaumeeBay3There is something absolutely breathtaking about looking outdoors and seeing inches of snow & large flakes falling while enjoying the warmth comfort, and pure fun the indoor pool offers. MaumeeBay2The indoor pool area also features kid-friendly splash park fixtures & whirlpools. You can also enjoy the seasonal swimming areas…outdoor pool & 2 beaches.MaumeeBay6668
  4. Seasonal fun– Fishing, golfing, boating (rent a paddleboat or canoe), biking (no room for your bikes, no worries, you can rent bikes at the Bay), maumeebay 102skiing (rentals available for cross-country skiing), sledding down the top-rated big hill, ice skating (rentals available), maumeebay 044swimming in the outdoor pool, you name and Maumee Bay State Park probably offers it! (Hunting is permitted in adjacent Mallard Club Marsh Wildlife Area. A valid Ohio hunting license is required).
  5. Little Kid Space & Arcade– looking for some additional family fun or perhaps an opportunity to give mom & dad a break? maumeebay 037(Mom & dad hit up the kiosk near the Water’s Edge Restaurant for a caffeinated beverage to enjoy while watching the little ones run off that excess energy) The little ones can enjoy the soft play area (for children 42” or shorter) with a pirate ship, they will have a whale of a tail of fun! MaumeeBay4While the big kids will enjoy all the fun to be had in the games & arcade area…also fun for the kids at heart.MaumeeBay509
  6. Courts– Game on! Enjoy a little friendly competition with your family/friends or invite other guest to join in the fun at one of the courts, volleyball, wallyball, racket ball, horseshoe, shuffleboard, lighted tennis, and/or basketball.
  7. Food– Pack Picnic- picnic areas with tables and grills can be found adjacent to the beach areas. Water’s Edge Restaurant, take in a breathtaking wraparound view of Lake Erie while enjoying a delicious culinary cuisine (Beer & Wine list is available). maumeebay 015The menu offers something for everyone and kid friendly options too. Allow all your senses to be enveloped by the experience. (And their Sunday Brunch is AH-mazing!)maumeebay 018  Icebreaker Lounge– provides a relaxing nautical theme while you enjoy your favorite drink or a lighter meal with the family…fun atmosphere, music, pool table, and kids menu available. Bayside Snack Shop (seasonal)-perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat before or after a day spent in the great outdoors, includes a delicious menu featuring juicy burgers, hot French fries, tempting frozen treats and thirst-quenching beverages, the Bayside Snack Shop is a popular stop for families. Pro-shop Concessions– Whether you’re preparing to tee off, making the turn, or ready for the 19th hole, the concession stand at the Maumee Bay Pro Shop has you covered. Hot dogs, chips, ice-cold beverages and beer are waiting for you when you’re ready for a break.
  8. Fireplaces– wind down an unbelievable day with the beckoning crackle, warmth, and relaxation from one of Maumee Bay Lodge’s beautiful fireplaces. maumeebay 0222Enjoy the company of family and friends, share stories, play board games (several family-friendly games are available for complimentary use from the front desk), or cozy up to a great book (there is a free lending library in the main lobby).maumeebay 025
  9. Entertainment- On selected dates from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the park’s Amphitheater features Saturday night entertainment. These events are free to the public and can include musical groups, magicians and more. All events start at 7:00PM. There are also movies running periodically in the lobby area, all rooms have cable, and be sure to check out the list of events going on when you arrive!
  10. Gift Shop & the amazing people who work at Maumee Bay Lodge– The kiddos absolutely adore the gift shop, there is such a lovely variety of items for children at various price points (so they can spend all $5 dollars they saved up) adults, birders, naturalist, wine aficionados, etc. And the Lodge would not be the amazing place it is without the AWESOME people who work there! maumeebay 031Do stop at the front desk, ask your questions, inquire about activities going on, etc. It is the kind, compassionate, welcoming, and enthusiastic individuals who work at the Lodge; from the front desk, landscaping, the naturalist, housekeeping, waitresses, gift shop employees, etc. that make you feel like an extension of the Maumee Bay Lodge family that will make it hard to leave and in anticipation for your return.

And there is so much more…geocaching, massages, NEW playground, birdwatching, Storybook Trail, etc. Plan your adventure today!!!



Stays for A’s 

Congratulations on a job well done! For every “A” a student receives on his or her report card, Maumee Bay Lodge will discount $10* off the Best Available room rate for up to five (5) A’s.

Stays for A’s book HERE 

What a Weekend: House showing, Pinewood Derby, Comforting Hearts 5k, and more!

We had a busy weekend but it was definitely full of family fun and even a little solitude, in a roundabout way.


Friday evening we had a showing which left me extremely exhausted from preparing the entire house.  I think I might have gone overboard with cleaning.  I learned my lesson, you can’t clean all 3 levels of the house, the floors, scrub walls, counters, dust, vacuum, etc. in 4 hours, the human body was not equipped for such labor especially when paired with motherhood and crazy pets!

What mud?


Our little Princess participated in a Pinewood Derby with the Native Sons and Daughters Program.  Her car was all girl which comes as no surprise. And even though she did not place two of her best friends did, actually, they tied for 2nd, how cool is that!! She was really excited for her friends and had so much fun with her friends, brother, and dad. 

Even though her car did not place in the Derby, all participants received a trophy. Which is very kind but we still had the discussion about how excited we were for her friends and those who placed and how sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.  It is important that children are taught that they will lose.  While it is disappointing, they can learn from their losses/mistakes, to practice and try harder next time.  Because let’s be honest, doesn’t it feel so much better to win knowing you practiced, worked hard, put in your time, and it paid off? This topic deserves a post all its own, so there will be more to come on this topic at a later date.

While they were attending the Derby my mom, sister, toddler, and I attended mass since we had a 5k to attend on Palm Sunday.  Granted, Saturday’s mass isn’t quite as profound as Palm Sundays when the entire congregation assembles outside church and proceeds together into the church, but what is important is that we did attend a mass.


So, Sunday morning my mom, sister, and I attended the You’d have to be a Fool 5k out at Maumee Bay State Park for Elias Adin’s Comforting Hearts Inc.   Elias Adin’s Comforting Hearts Inc. gives care packages to the patients at The Toledo Children’s Hospital and Mercy Children’s Hospital in the oncology department. Elias’ story is shocking and sad but his memory is touching the lives of many.  Please consider donating to this amazing cause.  To read more about Elias’ story and donate checkout http://www.comfort-hearts.com/Welcome.html.

While at Maumee Bay State Park we stopped in the Lodge and had breakfast then took a peaceful stroll on the boardwalk.  

The delightful boardwalk takes you through a large coastal wetland complex faintly reminiscent of what A the Great Black Swamp may have been like before it was drained and cleared for farmland in the 1800′s. The trees in this wetland forest are a bit smaller, but the species mix is similar: Green Ash, Cottonwood, Silver Maple, Red Maple, Elm, Swamp White Oak.

Bird life is abundant in our coastal Ohio wetlands. Here you may see the Wood Duck, Redheads, Ruddy Ducks, Pintails, as well as a number of woodpecker species, such as the hairy woodpecker. Great Blue Heron hunt in the shallow water for fish, while the yellow warbler, swamp sparrows, and other songbirds sing their praises to the great Lake Erie. http://www.neonaturalist.com/trails/maumee_boardwalk_trail.html

Walking on the boardwalk was precisely what I needed. I blogged last week about trying to find some form of mediation, or peace, away from the distractions of technology, rapid random thoughts, worries, and such and I think I found it. 

My mind was cleared of worries, planning, wondering, and such and I simply got back to nature. I listened, looked, and breathed.  That was all. For those few minutes I did not have to be in charge of anyone or anything but myself.  I did not have to participate in conversation.  I did not have to do anything but walk, look, and listen. And look and listen I did, once away from the noise and distractions of modern society I was able to see God’s wonder and glory so clearly.   I found peace.  I also noticed God’s beauty through the gift of the human senses paired with my newfound peace. I slowed down and was able to notice the beauty around me including deer hidden in the long grass and a snake camouflaged in the foliage. Though physically exhausted from the activities of the weekend I left Maumee Bay with the solitude I knew my spirit was desperately seeking.

At the conclusion of my walk I realized that I was nurturing my relationships with my wonderful and supportive family and friends. But yet I was still beginning to feel overwhelmed and simply drained emotionally, mentally, and physically and I couldn’t pinpoint why.

While on that walk I figured it out, I had been focusing so much energy on cleaning the house for open houses and showings, running children to various activities, and the everyday issues of life. But I noticed that during all the commotion of life I became distracted and I had begun to neglect the most important relationship in my life, my relationship with God.  I have decided that I need to make a date with God. I make plans with friends to grab coffee, I have date night with my hubby, I make plans with those who are important to me, to nurture those relationships, to give them my undivided attention, and why should God be any different?

Have you ever found yourself drained and couldn’t figure out why? Do you have a place you go to renew your spirit, to pray, to nurture your relationship what God?