Producer Jeffrey Seller and The American Theatre Guild announce a digital lottery for HAMILTON tickets will begin in conjunction with the show’s first performance (Aug. 23) in Toledo at the Stranahan Theater.  A limited number of tickets will be available for every performance for $10 each.  The lottery will first open at 10:00 AM Friday, Aug. 12, and will close at 12:00 PM Thursday, Aug. 18 for tickets to performances Aug. 23 – 28.  Subsequent digital lotteries will begin each Friday and close the following Thursday for the upcoming week’s performances.


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September’s 8 Free Date Night Ideas in Toledo

Back to school supplies, clothes, extracurricular fees, impromptu appliance purchase, etc. which leaves the Date Night fund at, zero! September is one of the most stressful months of the year. Trying to get the entire family back into the swing of things is exhausting & can be strenuous on your relationship. You need a date night more than ever but with $0 in the date night fund makes it tricky! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spice things up with a Concert by Havana’s top musicians, stargaze at an observatory, see the Toledo Symphony in Concert, allow your inner foodie to come out & play with a cooking instruction class? Guess what? You can do all these & more!

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Here’s September’s 8 Free Date Night Ideas in Toledo…


Friday Night Concert featuring ORQUESTA AKOKÁN-A Big Band collection of Havana’s top musicians

When: Friday Sept. 14th 5:30-10pm

Where: Promenade Park downtown

Cost: Free (meter parking is free on the weekends)


Assembled and led by Cuban vocalist José “Pepito” Gómez, Daptone recording artists Orquesta Akokán is a big band collective of the finest Cuban musicians, both young and old. Their self-titled debut release is on one of the most critically acclaimed release of 2018. Orquesta Akokán was specifically chosen for this concert to continue the evolving trajectory forward of Momentum to bring original diverse music to our community. The concert will be free for the community.



Toledo Symphony Momentum Concert with Tan Dun

When: Friday, September 15th @ 6:30pm

Where: Promenade Park downtown

Cost: Free (meter parking is free on the weekends)


Grammy Award winning Chinese composer Tan Dun, best known for his music for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and his film scores for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Hero”, has created a visually and sonically spectacular concert experience unlike any other. A trio of sensational percussionists slap, beat, cup and wield water in transparent bowls and specially-crafted instruments to create provocative, amazingly inventive soundscapes.


Flower power! Community, at TMA 

Community, the latest installation at the Toledo Museum of Art is a must-see! As you enter the installation a tidal wave of calm greets you while the cascading beauty & fragrance envelops you.

Best part, free admission Thursdays!

When: Thursdays 5-9pm

Where:Toledo Museum of Art

Cost: Free only on Thursdays from 5-9pm


How it works…claim your free timed ticket at the information desk upon arrival. Each ticket allows a 20 minute window to view the exhibit. Arrive early if possible & if you can not plan on touring the museum until you assigned time.



Latino Quesadilla! Food Demonstration

Enjoy a Hispanic Heritage Month Cooking Program! Sofia Quintero Arts and Cultural Center demonstrates how to cook up a Latino quesadilla using ingredients not normally found in a traditional quesadilla. This program is being offered at 3 different dates/times…

When: Saturday, September 08: 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Where: Kent Library (Meeting Room A)

Cost: Free


When: Saturday, September 15: 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Where: King Road Library (Meeting Room A & B)

Cost: Free


When: Saturday, September 22: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Where: Heatherdowns Library (Meeting Room A & B)




Nature at Night!!

Where: Secor Metropark 10000 West Central Avenue Berkey, OH, 43504 (Meet at NCNP parking lot)

When:Friday September 28th 9:30-10:30pm

Cost: Free, but need to register (click on link to register)


Walk in the park after dark and discover the wonders of the night at a time when parks are normally closed. Dress accordingly for the weather and let’s get outside!



Black Holes (August 31st-October 13th)

Where: BGSU Planetarium 112 Physical Sciences Lab Bld, Bowling Green, OH 43403

When: Friday @ 8pm, Saturday @ 2pm, & Sunday @ 7:30pm


Cost: $1 donation is suggested

Program features a star talk showing the current evening sky followed by a multimedia planetarium show. Weekend programs are followed by stargazing at the Observatory on the roof, weather permitting.



Take a tech class/session together!!

This one looked good for parents…but there are many others to choose from, see website.

Basics-Parental Visibility

Where: Apple Store Franklin Park 5001 Monroe Street Toledo, OH 43623

When: Offered throughout the month click on website


Parents are invited to this 60-minute session to learn the features of iOS that help them manage what their kids see and do with their devices. You’ll get an overview of Family Sharing, parental controls, and more to help make sure children use their devices in the right ways and for the right reasons.



Make a S’mores Station

Where: Home Depot (click on link to register at your store)

When: Thursday September 20th 6:30-8:30pm


Indulge in a rustic tabletop s’mores station ideal for backyard parties, indoor gatherings, family nights or any reason to savor the traditional campfire dessert. In this workshop, our skilled Store Associate will show you how to measure, mark, cut, stain and assemble a station with dividers to display your s’moregasbord of ingredients and roast your marshmallows above food-safe Sterno® flames. In addition, our Store Associate will demonstrate safe practices in using common project power tools and can help you shop for everything you need to create your own project at home. The Home Depot Workshops are designed to provide a mix of associate-led instruction, demonstration, and some hands-on learning. Materials can be purchased to make your own project. For more information, contact your local Home Depot store.

Need a sitter?

Tag a friend in this post & tell them which one you are interested in…ask them which one they are interested in and then you each take a turn watching the other’s children.

30 Date Night Destinations in Toledo

Date Night!! The two words every couple looks forward to, especially those with kids. It means a night away from the kiddos, to reconnect with your spouse, to remember why you fell in love in the first place. It is easy to get caught up in the responsibilities of adulthood & parenthood. That is why it is so important that you step away from it all for a few hours and have some fun, remember fun, that thing you did before you had a job, mortgage, kids, you know, before you had major responsibilities!?

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10 Tips to Keep the Romance Alive While Raising Kids (Bonus: 20 Date Night Destinations in Toledo)

Uninterrupted dinners for two, energy to stay out past 2am, shaving above the knee, wearing high heels & lipstick, allowing intimacy to present itself anytime & anywhere in the house, those were the days! Fast forward a few kids later and you haven’t had a hot meal in years, your energy is zapped before 2pm, shaving has become a past luxury, flats & yoga pants are where it is at, and intimacy, what’s that!? Our obligations & responsibilities have increased exponential since kids entered the picture and it is so hard to find the time and energy to make any magic happen, ANY!! So here are 10 quick, minimal energy, effort, or time, tips to help you rekindle that romance while raising kids!



10 Tips to Keep the Romance Alive While Raising Kids

  1. Do something nice for your spouse first thing in the morning! Nothing huge, just something that say you are the first thing on my mind when I wake up….perhaps bring them coffee, let them use the bathroom first, if they are working out of town send them a good morning text, write “I love you” in the condensation on the bathroom mirror, put a clean towel out for them, etc.
  2. Text. Everyone is busy, busy at work, busy with the kids, busy, busy, busy! So sometimes a phone conversation is out of the question. Instead text, text something small, a simple, “thinking of you, I love you” text, just something that says you’re on my mind.
  3. A Picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes we just have those days when we can’t form words, let alone sentences….don’t worry it happens to everyone with kids on one day or another! Instead send a pic! Take a photo on your phone of something cute, funny, a picture of yourself, etc. a pic that doesn’t get posted to social media, one just for the two of you.
  4. Post-it-Notes. These are so simple and so fun!! Place post-it-notes in locations where your spouse will frequent the next day…say a briefcase, the silverware drawer, their car steering wheel. Don’t know what to write? Here are some ideas….CLICK HERE & HERE
  5. Give the yoga pants the night off (or the equivalent for men, sweatpants) & shave!! Look good for each other. Fight it all you want but there is a mind body connection. So on occasion give the yoga pants a break, shave your legs, and spritz a bit of perfume….when you are rocking shaved legs, cute pants/skirt, and smell good you will not only feel, but will exude sexy!!
  6. Take out the papers & the trash! Do something for your spouse without being asked. If you see that the trash is full take it upon yourself to take it out, if you notice that your hubby is running low on underwear get a load in before he asks, it really is the little things in life….no huge romantic gestures, it is the small acts of kindness that say I love you.
  7. Save the Date: Date Nights are a MUST! But we often make excuses…it is too expensive, it is way too much work packing up the kids, dropping them off just to go back 3 hours later to pick them up, there is nothing to do, etc. NO MORE EXCUSES!! Set a date; make it simple on yourselves, say, every 3rd Saturday will be date night.  Then call the sitter, have her place those on her calendar…then call the backup sitter and have them block out those 3 hours every 3rd Saturday for the rest of the year, and your date nights are saved!!!
  8. Do something new together!! The novelty of that newness at the beginning of a relationship need not wear off…keep doing new things together! Learn to cook together, go to the shooting range, take a trapeze class together, learn to dance, paint, the possibilities are endless…think outside the box…do something together that you never envisioned doing…something a bit outside your comfort zone.

BONUS: 20 Fun Date Night Destinations in Toledo (click on each to be redirected to website)

Bird’s Eye View Circus   (Circus class)

Cleland’s Outdoor World (Shooting Range/Archery)

Ritter Planetarium (Romance under the Stars)

Dance Class

The Art Supply Depot (Paint Pottery)

Uncork the Artist (Paint Canvases together & sip on some wine, romantic!!)

Fox Meadow Farm (Horseback Riding Lessons…every Knight in shining Armor should know how to ride a horse)

The Adventure Park (Zip lining….seasonal, starts in the Spring, book it now!)

Planet Rock (Rock Climbing)

Valentine Theater Silver screen Theatre Classic Movies

Go on a Gallery Hunt & enjoy lunch/dinner at the TMA café

War Zone Paint Games

Veritas Cork & Craft (Wine Tasting)

Q-Zar (Laser Tag)

Sky Zone (Trampoline Park)

577 Foundation (Learn how to cook Lebanese’s, Indian food, etc.)

Beauty Bar Couples Massages

Alexis Go-Carts & Bumper Cars

Go on a Scavenger Hunt in the Park


9. Take ten! At the end of every day take ten minutes of undivided attention, turn off phones, television, etc. and give each other 10 quality minutes to listen to your spouse and share your happenings of the day too…honestly, it only takes 10 minutes if it is undivided attention!!! Remember it’s not the quantity but quality of time that you give one another that say, I love you.

10. Keep all screens charged & get a lock for your bedroom door….I am thinking this one might be self-explanatory. After all that rekindling, connecting, shaving your legs, and spritzing on a bit of perfume there is a good chance “the magic” will strike and this is an entirely appropriate time to allow kids to have screen time!!

Any tips that your already do? Any you would suggest adding to the list?