Sunday’s Food for the Soul: The BEST You

Every morning, as I am dropping off my kiddos to school I have a ritual of reminders and one challenge.  When we are a block away from school I recite the following….

I love you. You are a child of the Lord. Challenge for today: Help a friend in need (these change daily but often have the same message…be kind, compassionate, and treat others the way you would like to be treated). Then the best part…

I start off by stating, “And remember, all you have to be today is….” and they all express “the best me I can be”. Then they are off.

That last statement has always been a favorite of mine. How beautiful and magnificent those otherwise simplest words become when placed together. What a perfect message and motto to live by. How marvelous to know that you do not have to live up to anyone’s standards or expectations but your own. And how important it is for children to know that they should not be just like every other child in their school, for each is special, each has unique talents to share, and each can learn so much from the others.


It got me thinking, many adults could use this reminder. Many adults compare themselves to others, to coworkers, other mothers, etc. This can bring about insecurities and uncomfortable feelings of inadequacies. God has given each of us special talents and when all those talents come together it can be a symphony of perfection.  But unfortunately we try so hard to be like others that we lose ourselves. A Symphony cannot exist with all flutes!



We not only compare our accomplishments, skills, and experiences, but we also get superficial with our comparisons. We compare our hair, facial features, body types to others and some suffer gravely because they feel like they do not own up to society’s idea of the perfect body.  What is the saying? “Everyone with curly hairs wants straight; everyone with straight wants curly?” I can’t even bear the thought of a world where we all look the same.  Rock what God has given you, red hair, curly hair, full sized woman, petite woman, etc. be genuine and watch how your self-confidence can soar.



This week’s homework:

When you catch yourself admiring someone else’s talent, looks, skills, and/or accomplishments embrace it for what it is, admire their strengths then stop! Do not compare yourself to them. Do not even take one step down that path of self-destruction. Remember you are an important part of the symphony of life. We need YOUR talent, YOUR skill, YOUR confidence, not another flute.


Have you ever caught yourself comparing yourself to others? Have you ever experienced jealousy, self-pity, or loathing as a consequence of the comparison? How did you stop?