Bachelorette Party!!

One of the moms in our playgroup is eagerly counting down the days until her nuptials this summer.  It has been a joy listening to her wedding plans and even getting the opportunity to share a memorable night of helping her make her wedding invitation sleeves.  She is crafty; she made gorgeous, classy, black, pink, and green sleeves, for each of her wedding invitations to slip into. And then she trusted me and another playgroup mom to help her assemble them, we kept the wine to a one glass minimum that night, lol!

Her story is bitter-sweet because she moved here from Oregon with her fiancé and toddler not even a year ago, actually I think it has only been 7 months now that she has lived here, in Toledo. So, she went across the country to live in a town named Toledo that contained no family or friends.  That to me is so brave and I have told her time and again that I don’t think I could have made such a leap of faith.  To be home with a toddler while your fiancé goes to work and not know anyone would be scary.  But she, being the brave woman she is joined our playgroup, got up enough courage to meet stranger in an unfamiliar location (it was the library…nothing creepy, just unfamiliar), and has made quite an impression on our group and has become one of my close friends.

While sitting there that evening helping her make the sleeves for her wedding invitations and listening to the exciting story of how her and her fiancé met it occurred to me that she is missing out on some of the fun wedding planning extravaganzas that most brides enjoy.  She has flown back home and has corresponded back and forth regarding the plans but she is missing out on that fun time with her bridesmaids and friends. So it got me thinking, what could we do to really give her a future bride experience? One thing came to mind right away…..Bachelorette Party!!

Now, mind you, we are not a group of young twenty-year-olds wanting to hit the town till the wee hours and drink till we puke (that personally never sounded like fun even when I was younger….why drink till you puke? No thank you.). And we each have our motherly obligations and duties so this Bachelorette Party would have to be catered to motherhood.  Meaning that, each of us would have to get up early with young children and be the main caregiver for the entire day.  Also, since almost all of us are married in the group it also meant that we wanted a location that would not compromise our morals or values.  So we did our research and came across a great destination, In2Art Studio.


In2Art Studio is located in Perrysburg Ohio, just minutes away from Toledo.  It is a studio that offers a welcoming and relaxing environment for you to let your imagination and creativity collide while producing a pottery masterpiece.  There are a variety of pottery pieces to select from as well as colors and techniques that Dawn, the owner, can share.

We ended up having 6 wonderful moms at the Bachelorette party and it was a blast! We all decide on a serving platter to make for the bride and groom. Per the owner’s suggestion we had the bride and grooms names, the date of their wedding, a bride and groom image in the center, and each of us contributed a word to the platter that is relevant in marriage (dream, faith, love, laughter, trust, etc).

It was so much fun that we decided that we will definitely be going back and we might even bring our children next time.  In2Art Studio has a variety of smaller pieces that children can paint such as a dragon, fish, heart, etc.  We might even do a theme day with the kiddos and include a story and small snack that coincides with the item they will be painting, talk about fun!!

Thank you Dawn for a wonderful evening. We enjoyed our time just sitting, kibitzing, and painting without any distractions; it was so peaceful and pleasant.

After In2Art Studios we headed for some guilty bar food at Swigs in Perrysburg.  It was so funny, each of us ordered a drink and then wavered on what to order…dare we order greasy food with lots of sauces like….blue cheese….ranch…mayo…etc.   It was a night to let loose and indulge and so we did, we had our drink and our sauces/dips too!!

It was so much fun and a wonderful reason to celebrate!!

Good luck to Joseph and Allie as they complete their marriage preparations and may you grow closer with each passing year!

Have you been to, thrown, or had a memorable bachelorette party? Spill!!

Marriage is Divine: Year Nine!

On this date 9 years ago my husband and I stood before our friends, family, Priest, and God and proclaimed our love, trust, bond, and commitment to one another in Holy Matrimony.  I remember walking down the aisle with such joy in my heart.  I had made a considerable amount of important decisions in my life but when I said “Yes, I will marry you” that was by far the most important! Two years and much planning later, I walked down that aisle stood before everyone and confidently proclaimed “I do”.

9 years later and I still do. Our marriage has grown and evolved over time and with each life altering event we learn more about one another.  Of course the most life altering events, the birth of our children, which has greatly transformed each of us, it is precious to see the amazing father my husband has become.  But everyday can bring about a new challenge or even path in the journey called Holy Matrimony.  So I collated a few tips that I feel are helpful to remember when entering or maintaining a marriage.

  • I am a work in progress. I am not perfect, I am human.
  • My spouse is not perfect, he is human too.  “I would rather live with his dirty socks on the floor and computer bag by the front door than live without him”.
  • Love and value each other and not “stuff”.
  • If you are wrong, mistaken, or did not follow through on a promise admit it, own it! Apologize, rectify, and most importantly, move on! (I like this scene in the Lion King ….It’s in the past! Clip below)


  • Always remember the golden rule: Treat your spouse how you would like to be treated.
  • Think before you speak.  Is what you are about to say valid in the long run or are you simply experiencing a moment of frustration? How is what you are about to say going to influence your spouse’s day?
  • The silent treatment is more harmful than helpful.
  • You can’t give your spouse the responsibility to make you happy. Genuine happiness can only come from you. That being said…..
  • Things will not always go your way or how you envisioned them unfolding. When this occurs you have options; this is where that wise saying comes into play, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react”.
  • Money will come and money will go but the memories will last a lifetime.
  • Always kiss each other goodbye and end a phone conversation with “I love you”.
  • Value and love your spouse not “stuff” or materials. Obviously you need to maintain your livelihood but at what cost?  Is a large home, fancy car, designer clothes, etc. worth both of you working late and never seeing each other?  
  • Unplug and shut off screens when speaking with your spouse, give your spouse your undivided attention. Isn’t that why you got married?
  • It is called Holy Matrimony for a reason.  Here comes another valuable saying, “The family that prays together stays together”.  And trust me, in marriage there is a lot of praying!

Marriage is tough at times and those who say otherwise are not being truthful.  However it is also one of the most amazing journeys. It is comforting to know that I have a witness, partner, lover, and friend to share this journey with and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In honor of the past 9 years I had hoped to put something together that included just my husband and me, but apparently our life didn’t officially start until we had children (or at least we didn’t actually purchase a camera until we had children). So without further ado….a dedications to me and you…..

Have any valuable lessons or tips to share about marriage? Maybe a story to share?