Dreamy Destination Wedding Decor on a Budget

Destination weddings provide couples and their guests with an unforgettable experience, combining joyous marriage with exciting travel. However, planning one can be challenging on budget; so in this blog post, we will look at creative solutions for dreamy destination decor that won’t blow your bank!

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Minted, brings a whole new meaning to Treasure Map!

I am always on the lookout for cool, unique, and possibly customizable gifts. Gifts for graduations, weddings, birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, you name it! I have always kind of prided myself in my gift giving (Ms. Modest, over here, ha-ha!)  I try my best to channel the individual’s likes, dislikes, sense of humor, etc. And for the most part I have been spot on with my gift selections.

Here are some of the questions that I ask myself when seeking THE perfect GIFT:

  1. Where are they financially? What do they NEED? (I have friends that would much rather prefer a gift card to help with gas, a movie night, etc.)
  2. What do they NEED but don’t know it? (Like a mom who NEVER gets out, she needs a night out…make an appointment for her to get her nails done or a massage… & you watch her kiddos, perfect gift!!)
  3. How do they enjoy their free time/possible hobby they have? (I have some friends who enjoy trivia a lot! Others are mad about books, art, video games, etc. Hobbies are the perfect gift themes!)
  4. What types of movies/shows do they like, comedies, action, and/or adventure?
  5. Are they sentimental? (Now this is where my father & I fall…we will be thankful & appreciative of anything and everything we receive, however where our hearts & treasure truly lye are in the memories, the DVDs, VHS, photobooks, calendars, the people and amazing experiences we were so blessed to enjoy together on this planet…that is where the real treasures lye!)

Some past gifts that have totally rocked include, customized love monopoly for the hubby, calendars of the kiddos for the grandparents (we do this every Christmas), photobooks of family vacations for the grandparents are another huge hit, pottery painted by yours truly and/or kiddos depending on the occasion, jewelry from the Toledo Museum of Art’s store, etc. So when I came across Minted I nearly lost my mind!! I do believe I might have found a one stop, shop, & customized sweet items location! Minted offers the top 3 things I look for when seeking a sweet gift!

  1. Unique- whenever possible it is really awesome if you can gift an item that isn’t mass produced & support Independent Designers/Artists (even some from Ohio and one from Toledo!)
  2. Customizable
  3. Variety! And what is really cool is that Minted has “families” of products-so if I purchase something for Christmas I could get the matching home décor for Mother’s Day, score!!!

Okay, so this is what really got me excited!! Check this out….MAP GIFTS!!! Created by independent artist and customized by YOU!!!

michiganMIN-BUT-GCP-007_A_APZflordiaMIN-ZXY-GCP-007_A_APZmichingan 2MIN-5GM-GCP-007_A_APZ



SWEET! Right!? So, this is my plan (Dad, if per chance you are reading this stop, look away, LOOK AWAY!!), growing up we visited so many states, New England States (toured Ben & Jerry’s, Ocean Spray, the Von Trapp family lodge, etc.), Mount Rushmore (Corn Palace, Wall Drug, etc.), Grand Canyon, Vegas (baby!), California (World’s largest thermometer and more!), he was the original Clark Griswold (the Christian version) etc. So, my goal, with a little help from my siblings is to locate all those photos and place them in the corresponding state. The hardest part might be limiting the selection down to 4 or 5 photographs and deciding on the frame….I am torn between the reclaimed barn wood and distressed charcoal stain. Tough decisions ahead!



The state map photos would also make awesome gift for friends who move out of state, what better way to commemorate your time together?

I also like this one, for my home…I might put this in our bathroom stating, you are peeing here and place it right above our toilet, lol!


Too much!?!  Clearly, if you are shopping for me I have a great sense of humor and am very sentimental so, good luck. Haha! Seriously though, whenever possible I do try to spend my money and time on experiences and what better way to commemorate those magnificent treasures than with a map to be treasured through a lifetime?

So, how cool are these maps? Where have you been? What maps are you getting?