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5 Tips to Help Transform Mommy & Daddy’s Bedroom into a Couple’s Retreat

The “oops I peed in mommy & daddy’s bed” potty training years are over!   There are no more midnight feedings. No more spare diapers, wipes, and Butt Paste on the nightstand. No more rolling over in bed and popping open a Sippy cup lid filled with day old milk.  No more stray Cheerios lingering between […]

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Marriage is Divine: Year Nine!

On this date 9 years ago my husband and I stood before our friends, family, Priest, and God and proclaimed our love, trust, bond, and commitment to one another in Holy Matrimony.  I remember walking down the aisle with such joy in my heart.  I had made a considerable amount of important decisions in my […]

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9th Wedding Anniversary gift, toilet!?!

As many of you know our house is on the market. And while we haven’t received an offer, we would even settle for an insulting offer, we are hopeful.  Last weekend we prepared for an open house.  I have to admit we almost have this showing/open house thing down to a science. When preparing for an open […]

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