Last Day of School!! (and clever ways to spend it)

Goodbye 2013-2014 school year! We will treasure the memories, the Kindergarteners’ special persons’ breakfast, the art shows, carnival, learning what a blizzard bag is, haha! We are sad to see it go but excited for the summer ahead!!

Today is the last day of school and guess what? The kiddos didn’t have to go till July due to all the snow days thanks to the awesome blizzards bags and crazy early drop off /late pick up schedule. This year was a little eventful to say the least. I am happy to say we survived and thrived! Momma managed to get the kiddos to school every day on time! Can I get a woohoo for the momma bus…not one tardy and they literally did not miss one day of school (minus the 13+ snow days).

 Ribbet collageschooldays


I am going to miss this school year; the kiddos had such amazing teachers. And we made memories this year that we will treasure always. I can’t allow myself to get too sentimental now, I still have to go back to school to pick them up and I’d prefer I not show up on the last day with sad raccoon looking eyes from crying my heart out because my babies are growing to fast. Must. Not. Look. Through. Their Baby books. Why do I do this to myself? Haha!

Here area a few clever end of school year idea I came across…..

Tip Junkie has 20 neat ideas, click here.

Pinterest has some really adorable ways to enhance the last day, some are just too precious! Click here

And here is one that I plan on doing with my kiddos….

Interview your child at the end of the school year!




  1. This school year is over. How do you feel about that?
  2. How was this year different from last year?

In the classroom

  1. What did you like most about your teacher?
  2. Who do you like to sit by in class?
  3. What is your favorite subject? Why?
  4. Name two books that you read this year that you liked. What did you like about these books?
  5. Did you have any extra helping jobs in your classroom this year? What were they?
  6. What jobs did you like? What jobs did you dislike?
  7. Who do you play with at recess?
  8. What is your favorite thing to do when recess is outdoors?
  9. What is your favorite thing to do when recess in indoors?
  10. What was the best birthday treat you had this year? Do you remember whose birthday that was?
  11. What songs do you sing at school? Tell me three of your favorites.
  12. Tell me about the one field trip this year.
  13. What was your favorite lunch?
  14. Did you like art class? What was your favorite project?
  15. What was the best thing about music class?
  16. Did you learn anything about computers this year? What?
  17. If you could only wear one outfit to school for a week, what would you wear?
  18. What is your favorite after-school snack?
  19. What do you usually do right after school?
  20. What else would you like to remember about this year? A funny story?


  1. If you fell on the playground, who would come running to help you?
  2. Who likes to make everybody laugh?
  3. Who likes to wear fancy clothes to school?
  4. Who likes to get dirty?
  5. If you started a snowball fight, who would join you?
  6. If I told you someone had to stay in for recess, who would you guess it was?
  7. Who runs the fastest?
  8. Who talks the loudest?
  9. If you needed someone to help you with your homework, who would you ask?
  10. If you were sad and needed someone to talk to, who would you choose?
  11. If you could spend a week with somebody else’s family, what family would you choose?



Do you have a fun tradition you do with your kiddos on the last day or school? Or maybe you have come across something fun? Please share.

Movie Night: Need your suggestions please!

Our good friends, you know the ones that are contagious, the ones that are so much fun, kind, considerate, and just make you feel all around better after hanging out with them? The ones were you find yourself counting down the days till your next visit? Yep, those friends were back in town visiting family and friends this past week/weekend and we tried to soak up as much time as allotted by their busy schedule.  We had a chance to meet up at Story time last week and we had a Moms’ Sleep Under Night (instead of a sleepover night…more to in a future blog) Friday evening that was a lot of fun but we wanted one last visit, if possible.  I guess that’s what you get when you are such great people, friends and family what to hang out with you all the time and they simply can’t get enough, lol!

Though, I understand and realize that running from one relative to the next, one friend’s to the next, and one activity to the next can become exhausting. So, since it was toward the end of their visit and the kiddos had been on a sporadic schedule, including sleep schedule, and their mommy had to have been getting towards her wit’s end (though she would never show it, she has such poise, no matter what the situation) I tried to think of a relaxing activity for both the kiddos and moms.  Then it came to me, Movie Night!!


So, in our travels that day we stopped at Target and the kiddos picked out some treats for movie night. They decided on popcorn, animal crackers, and apple juice, yum! Then we headed home and prepped the family room for Movie Night.  We moved the coffee table, brought down a quilt to lie on the floor for added comfort and easy clean-up, and added cozy pillows.


Then came the most difficult part of the evening, determining which movie to watch? We have a nice selection of girl movies (Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Barbie, etc.), boy movies (Batman, Spiderman, etc.) , and then as my son states, baby movies (Winnie the Pooh, Elmo, Veggie Tales but I think that is for older kids too, though he begs to differ). Where we are lacking is in movies that are great for a general audience, boys, girls, and toddlers.  We have a few like The Chipmunks (which they unanimously voted on Chipmunks: Shipwrecked), Toy Story 3, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and A Bugs Life but we would like to expand our selection for Family Movie nights as well as Movie Night with friends. So please share…..

What are your kiddo’s favorite movies?  Likewise, what are some movies we should steer clear of? What kind of snacks do you serve during Movie Nights?