Same as it ever was NOTHING is the Same 

Where do you see yourself in two years? If I was asked that question two years ago I could have never imagined I’d be where I am today or be the person that I am today. I was in my 18th year of marriage and a stay-at-home mom for 16 years who had established a satisfying routine and rhythm to life.  Then in the course of a few months, everything changed. I found myself living through three life-altering events simultaneously, financial trauma, divorce, and a new job working full-time outside of the home all while raising 3 kids and running a household. I suddenly didn’t recognize my life, I felt like I’d been tossed into a relay race mid-race with no instructions during a category 4 hurricane while eating ghost peppers. To say I was outside of my comfort zone was definitely an understatement.  In order to find my way I needed to take back control, be open to change, and remind myself that life is meant to be enjoyed.

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