Same as it ever was NOTHING is the Same 

Where do you see yourself in two years? If I was asked that question two years ago I could have never imagined I’d be where I am today or be the person that I am today. I was in my 18th year of marriage and a stay-at-home mom for 16 years who had established a satisfying routine and rhythm to life.  Then in the course of a few months, everything changed. I found myself living through three life-altering events simultaneously, financial trauma, divorce, and a new job working full-time outside of the home all while raising 3 kids and running a household. I suddenly didn’t recognize my life, I felt like I’d been tossed into a relay race mid-race with no instructions during a category 4 hurricane while eating ghost peppers. To say I was outside of my comfort zone was definitely an understatement.  In order to find my way I needed to take back control, be open to change, and remind myself that life is meant to be enjoyed.

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Awesome Ways To Start Saving More Money As A Household in 2023

Are you looking for ways to start saving more money as a household? In that case, you’ve found the proper site! In this blog post, we will discuss some awesome tips that will help you get started. We will cover everything from cutting back on expenses to making wise investment choices. So whether you are just getting started or you are looking for new ways to save, read on for some great advice!

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I never got to say goodbye

Why so sad? This is a question I asked myself as I scrolled through emails. Emails about the upcoming Santa Shop, fundraisers, and blogging opportunities. All emails that I now have to reply, “thank you for the opportunity, I have to respectfully decline…”. I will be having a great day and then I’ll come across an email and I’ll find myself tearing up. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because I never got to say goodbye to my old self, my old life, I never received closure or a transition period, I was just thrown into this new, busy, often overwhelming and a bit chaotic at times life. I didn’t ask for this…

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Tips for Helping You Unclog a Sink Like a Pro

Nothing ruins a day quite like a clogged sink. Water backs up, won’t go down, and you’re dealing with a big mess before you know it. While calling a professional plumber is always an option, sometimes you can fix the problem yourself.

You can unclog that sink with a little elbow grease and the right techniques to get things flowing again. These are some tips for helping you unclog a sink like a pro.

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The, “Why are you STILL a SAHM” Shaming….STOP Shaming Other Moms, No Matter Their Story!!!

So apparently if you are a SAHM who doesn’t homeschool and your youngest is in preschool you are totally looked down upon! This nonsense started WAY back in August! I cannot tell you how many times people, people who I call friends, have asked me, “So, what are you doing with all your free time?”….”So, you say you are busy, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?”…”Now that the kids are in school WHAT DO YOU DO!?” “You have your BS & MS, are you using those now or are your still JUST raising kids?”. I have to be honest these comments are so hurtful! It makes me feel like I am lazy, worthless, not pulling my weight in society, insignificant, a waste, shameful, etc. And the real kicker, I get it from both sides, the SAHM & working moms…and guess what, I have NEVER worked so hard in my life!!!




True my oldest is in 4th grade, second child is in 2nd, and third is in preschool, all outside the home. So if you add it all up I have exactly 7-1/2 hours a week without children. Not quite enough for a fulltime gig. And truth be told, during that time I am usually doing something for others or, God forbid, taking a few minutes to myself, to reconnect with God, to have time away from the children, to center myself, to hopefully become a better mom. And then I am tossed back into the game of motherhood.


My husband travels with work and I know there are some moms out there that can relate but based upon the comments I receive there are a lot who have no clue! Imagine if you will, your husband being gone for 4 days out of the 5 during the week, and possibly a Saturday here and there. Imagine you are the only person, parent there 4-5 days out of the 7. Imagine you are the sole provider of all meals, clean clothing, discipline, homework helper, chauffeur, religious guidance, etc. during the week & possibly for part of the weekend that often includes a birthday party, game, church (And you have a 1 year old EXTREMELY energetic Labrador puppy & are driving to PETCO every 4 days to buy crickets for the gosh darn Gecko…I love my pets, I do, put sometimes!!!)


I do ALL the meal planning, ALL the meal prep, ALL the cooking; packing of lunches, anything & everything with food is my responsibility exclusively! We kick it old-school. My husband busts his butt and is the sole provider of our family and I love him to death for all his hard work. And I am the sole provider of ALL things household & kid related, which might come as a big surprise to some people, but, IT IS A LOT OF WORK!!!! Children don’t come to this planet knowing how to do math, spell words, be kind to others, be respectful to other, having a relationship with God, etc. those are ALL taught by someone. And on those days when you wake up in the morning, make breakfast, get kiddos ready/dress, go to start the car & it doesn’t start it is ALL on you, it is your responsibility to make EVERYTHING run smoothly while your husband isn’t there! And when you have a rotten day & could use a hug in the evening and maybe some TLC but you have to keep going strong through bath time, showers, evening prayers & stories…no matter how you are feeling, when no one is there for you in the wee hours & you have to stay strong it doesn’t help hearing others’ voices reverberate comments in your head from earlier in the day, “SO, what do you do with ALL your FREE time?”

So, the next time you come in contact with a mother whose children are school aged and she is a SAHM, the appropriate reaction/comment might be, “That is awesome!”…”Wow, that is a lot of hard work, way to go!”….give her a hug…or better yet, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!!!!


P.S. There are some moms out there who don’t feel comfortable sharing everything on social media or perhaps cannot due to respecting others involved & who are going through some rough times. Please, please remember to always be kind…BE KIND to ALL!

I love you ALL, single, married, small families, big families, working moms, SAHM, etc. but please work on being kind to one another…we ALL matter!