8 Tips to Help Moms make Time for Themselves

Get adequate sleep, workout, eat healthy, etc. “Place your oxygen mask on first”.  As moms we know what we NEED to do. And boy is everyone quick to remind us, doctors, friends, family, etc. But have you ever noticed that no one really tells you how? HOW are we supposed to make time for ourselves when some of us are running the equivalent of  small virtual town within our homes, with remote learning/virtual schooling, working from home, in addition to doing laundry, feeding kids, getting groceries, & keeping the world turning? Here’s your HOW….


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County Farm Park & Playground

Close Google Classroom, logout of Zoom, shut off your computers, &, UNPLUG! Unplug, unwind, and get lost in the great outdoors, for it is in losing oneself in nature that you’ll be reconnected with your soul.  And there’s no place more relaxing to get lost in the great outdoors than Pure Michigan!  Which was precisely what we did…we grabbed our walking shoes, water bottles, packed a picnic, and hit the road in hopes of leaving the stress of life behind and getting lost in the simplicity, comfort, and beauty of nature. Our destination, 141 acres of Pure Michigan trails, gardens, playgrounds, etc. at County Farm Park!  Read more

Apple Week – A Favorite Fall Festival at Sauder Village

Celebrate the beauty of fall during Apple Week at Sauder Village. From Wednesday, September 16 through Saturday, September 19 guests can enjoy many apple-related activities throughout the Historic Village. The week is sure to delight all of your senses with apple cooking demonstrations, cider mill tours, apple drying demonstrations, take home apple crafts, and plenty of delicious, apple treats. Read more

4 Heartbreaking Things That Happen To Moms When They Don’t Look After Themselves

From the moment your little ones are born, your priorities change forever. Everything that used to seem so important to you becomes mere trivia in a heartbeat. Suddenly all that matters is protecting, nurturing and cherishing the tiny, squealing life you now hold in your arms. Regardless of faith, you have a heaven-sent duty to do all that you can to ensure that your child grows up safe, happy and healthy. But while that inevitably requires a measure of sacrifice and self-denial from time to time, that doesn’t mean that Moms shouldn’t take care of themselves. If they don’t, it can result in heartbreaking consequences… Read more

Choosing The Best Care Options For Your Aging Parents

One of the hardest things about getting older is seeing your parents get older as well. When you are young, you think that your parents are invincible and they will always be there to look out for you. But as you get older, you realize that isn’t true and there comes a time when you will need to start looking out for them. Parents put up with a lot from their kids and they are always forgiving, so now that they need help, it’s time for you to step up and care for them. However, this can be very difficult when you have a family of your own and a busy work life. If you are not able to be there for them all of the time, you need to start looking into care options. There are a few different care options available to you and you need to consider your own personal situation as well as your parent’s health issues and care needs. These are some of the best care options for your aging parents. Read more

Toledo Fall Guide 2020

Omg, y’all it’s legit (almost) Fall!!  Bring on the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL), boots, flannels, sweaters, apple picking, pumpkin patches, pumpkin pies, apple pies, cinnamon & sugar doughnuts, apple fritters, fall festivals, corn mazes, hayrides, and so much more! Fall is when the Midwest shines, but don’t blink, it goes by fast, so tag friends and make plans now! Here is this year’s Toledo Fall Family Fun Guide….

Due to this year being unlike any other in history I would advice always calling ahead and double checking that nothing has changed before visiting any orchard, farm, etc. 

Gust Brother’s Pumpkin Farm

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The Importance of Forgiveness For Parents

It’s okay. You can admit it! The life of a parent is stressful. Especially for those who have to juggle their familial responsibilities with those of work or running a business. What’s more, there are many who walk the path of parenthood alone. While these awesome single parents almost always have some sort of support network (you guys have a Mom Tribe behind you, right?), they nonetheless feel the pressures of parenthood much more acutely than those who are lucky enough to have a co-parent. There are many traits a good Mom or Dad needs to have. Patience, love, compassion, discipline, a sense of humor. Here, we’ll look at the importance of forgiveness for parents. Forgiveness is mentioned frequently in the Bible. But it doesn’t come readily for many of us. After all, our lives are hard and laden with adversity. It’s not always easy to set aside our slights and move forward with a smile on our lips.  Read more

Where to Vacation at in Northern Italy for Summer 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a lot away from the year 2020. Travel bans have made it impossible for people to go on vacations, trips, and experience some of the world’s best destinations. However, there is hope that by the Summer of 2021, international travel will be open, and you will be able to revisit places. One of the top destinations that most people hope to visit when international travel has resumed, is Italy. The Northern region of Italy is an incredible destination that sometimes can be left behind thanks to the beauty in central and the southern parts of Italy. But let’s be honest, the whole country is just beyond gorgeous! Below are some vacation spots to visit in Northern Italy.  Read more