4 Crucial Savings Goals You’ll Thank Yourself for Later

Virtually everyone agrees that saving money is an important and healthy financial discipline. Perhaps a general sense of security is a good enough starting motivation for saving, but eventually, it’s a good idea to think through your specific goals. Here are 4 crucial savings goals to set that you’ll be glad you created. 

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4 Reasons to Get a Slow Cooker For Your Kitchen

Whether you want to plan the perfect Thanksgiving meal, or you just want something easy for those busy weeknights, the slow cooker is going to be your best friend. In fact, this is going to be one of the best kitchen appliances anyone could ever own! There’s a reason why there are so many recipes out there with a slow cooker, and that’s all because it just works, and it works amazingly! So, if you’re considering getting yourself a slow cooker, here is everything you need to know!

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My New Grocery Shopping Method: Remove the MiddleMOM

“Where’s my deodorant?” It never failed, no matter how hard I’d try I’d always come home one or two items short. Chalk it up to distractions while shopping. And if I didn’t forget an item I’d get the wrong one, the wrong face wash, bread, you name it! Pair that with the fact that it seemed like the kids were going through toiletries and snacks like there was an endless supply and this mom started rethinking everything. Like every mom, my time is valuable. I knew there had to be a better way, a way to get the kids more involved. A way for them to take on more responsibility. For them to have a more thorough understanding and appreciation for the time, energy, and monetary value that goes towards getting supplies for the family. So I did something kind of huge.

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Going The Distance As A Couple When You Are Parents

Nobody tells you how you are going to feel when a baby comes into your life. There is no denying that a baby will change the dynamics of your whole life, but the one thing many overlook is the impact it can have on your relationship or marriage. The truth is, you become so overwhelmed by parenthood that it becomes your number one priority. Nothing wrong with that. But in the same breath, you need to ensure that as a couple you are also taking care of your relationship. Nobody intends for it to end unless there is no other option. However, there are ways you can try and ensure you go the distance, here are some of the things you could try.   Read more

Tips For Successfully Balancing Your Career & Home Life

As a mom and professional you want to make sure that you stay healthy and well even though you’re a busy person. Stress and burnout can negatively impact your life and your performance at work over time. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get in front of the matter sooner rather than later.

These are some tips for successfully balancing your career and home life so that you can get more done and still feel happy and energized. What’s most important is that you take breaks and carve out time to rest so that you can recharge and stick to your new routine. These are pieces of advice that will only make your life better and more rewarding so it’s worth taking a closer look.

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Renewed Outdoor Spaces for Your Home

If you and your family love spending time outside but aren’t satisfied with your current outdoor spaces, then perhaps it’s time to renew those areas so that you can have more fun in the fresh air and sunshine. You’ll have to plan carefully, choose the right projects, and make sure that you stay within your budget, but you can freshen up your outdoor spaces.

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HVAC Maintenance: How to Extend The Life of Your System And Cut Energy Costs

Your HVAC system is a crucial component to keeping your home comfortable year-round. It would be ideal to have it to keep you comfortable in the winter and summer, so a broken unit can quickly make your home into an uninviting place to live.

Routine maintenance is the best way to maintain your HVAC system’s peak performance. It also helps extend the life of your system and cut energy costs.

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