Summer Break Schedule, Chores, & Rewards for Kids

BRING IT Summer 2021! The kids were in school full time for a total of a month, thus, this definitely isn’t my first rodeo! If the last school year of mostly remote learning has taught me anything it’s that we need schedules, routine, daily conversations/check-ins, and more recently in-person interactions with family and friends if we are to push beyond anxieties & nurture our mental health. 

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Summer 2021 Busy Bag for Kids

“Mom, I’m bored!” “Mom, the Wi-Fi isn’t working!!” (This legit just happened to us the other day, modem and router died at the same time and it was practically the end of the world as we knew it, lol!) “Mom is it cool if we surf down the stair on sleeping bags?”  For those  moments during Summer Break when you need to bust their boredom, when the Wi-Fi goes out, or when their imaginations highjack all common sense, busy bags to the rescue! So, what exactly are Busy Bags? Busy Bags are bags filled with age appropriate activities, arts, crafts, games, etc. to occupy your kiddos.  If the thought of having to research various activities and purchase all those supplies to place in your kiddo’s busy bag sounds overwhelming and totally something you don’t want to be doing I am right there with ya!! Which is why I invited other mommas to participate in a Summer Busy Bag Swap, after all, many hands make for light work! A couple years ago was our first Busy Bag Swap and it turned out so successful that we did it again and again…and with so many families opting to Staycation for Summer Break this year I’m looking to do this again! Who’s interested? 

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Taking The Time To Appreciate Your Best Friend

Best friends are vital. For someone to earn that coveted title, they must have a deep and intimate understanding of you, to have stood by you through hard times and good times, and to add real value to your life. For that reason, it’s important to find ways to express how valuable they are to you. Here, we’re going to look at a bunch of little ways you can show your appreciation for your best friend.

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Never say this to a Stay at Home Parent

“Must be nice!” This comment really gets under my skin. Just in general it screams, you’re privileged and I’m not, you just get everything handed to you and I have to suffer, in general it’s just an extremely rude comment to make about anything but especially a comment to a stay at home mom or stay at home working mom/parent. It alludes to the idea that what that mom/parent does at home doesn’t carry much value & that they’re basically flaking off all responsibility because they’re at home. Well, to be fair, it’s the tone and often snarky insinuation that accompanies the comment. As if that person stating the comment is the hardest worker in the entire world while the person at home is just binge watching shows & eating bonbons. Here’s some hard facts…

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Neighborhood Photo Scavenger Hunt Kids can Play with Friends even from a Distance

Who’s up for some friendly competition? I think we might have actually started a new tradition during lockdown last year. This was  originally posted March 23, 2020. And the kids had so much fun they keep asking when we can do it again, thus, I’m adding this to our Summer Bucket List!

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In an effort to stay positive, get kiddos out of the house for some fresh air, & allow for some social fun while still practicing social distancing we’re challenging you, your kiddos, & your kiddos’ friends to this Neighborhood Photo Scavenger Hunt!! Read more