Acts of Kindness Challenge!

Have you ever been sitting in your car at a red light and suddenly you find yourself thinking about a certain friend, relative, or neighbor? Thinking about the relationship and ...

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Acts of Kindness Countdown to Thanksgiving

Last November our family lived 30 days of Gratitude which was extremely fulfilling.  This November we are doing something similar but this time there will be more order to the ...


30 Days of Gratitude….a way for family to stay grounded

I was disappointed this morning. I was watching the news and noticed that there was a commercial for Christmas, Christmas! It is only one day after Halloween and already the ...

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I-X Christmas Connection Ticket Giveaway! (4 tickets!)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas thanks to the frigid temps and snow!  I don’t know about you but I have even turned on the Christmas music. I find Christmas music puts me in better spirits and has really gotten me motivated to start Christmas shopping. Maybe this year will be the year I actually complete […]

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FREE Chocolates! Got your attention? (Promo code included)

The holidays are coming!! And nothing says ‘I love you’, ‘thank you’, etc.. like a pound of chocolate!! Am I right!? But who has the time to make homemade chocolates? And even if you did, who has the talent? Mrs. Cavanaugh!   Time was when Marie Cavanaugh spent hours in her South Dakota farmhouse each Christmas […]

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Thankful Thursday: Grand Opening & Chance to win iPad Mini

Tropical Smoothie Café is one of my favorite restaurants! As a mom on the go a leisure lunch is often out of the question. I need something quick, delicious, and that will actually satiate me so I can continue running errands for home & work, picking up kiddos, and fulfilling my mommygations (mommy + obligations). […]

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Space Scouts: Perfect Holiday Gift (discount promo code included)

Space Scouts monthly subscription club for kids is a delightful learning adventure aimed at discovering the wonders of the universe! Each month your child will explore a new place in space — stepping into the worlds of space exploration, space science, and astronomy. Join Roxy and Jett as they scout about the galaxy engaging your […]

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Pig Down a Slide! LOL!

It has been such a stressful morning!! I am sure most moms can relate since today is the day the kiddos energy and excitement levels skyrocket with the anticipation of trick-or-treating this evening! But first the pre-trick-or-treating festivities, school parties and parades. And of course mom is the one who is responsible for making certain […]

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5 Essentials for Staying Focused when Working from Home

Some may say that taking on a couple Interior Design projects, Photography, fulfilling obligations as a SAHM, maintaining head organizer of a playgroup, homework helper, playing chauffer to after school activities, and having a husband with a job that involves travel and random schedules is quite possibly the perfect recipe for a nervous breakdown. And […]

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Simple 4-Ingredient Meals Kids Love

So, remember when Rachel Ray came out with her 30 minute meals? And most moms were all like woo-hoo!! Well, I was all like, “30 minutes! That is a long time to spend in the kitchen”! And don’t even get me started on the number of ingredients required for those 30 minute meals! I make […]

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SAHM says Goodbye to Co-worker & BFF

As I type this my heart is breaking. Yesterday I said goodbye to my co-worker and best friend. He has been there for me through thick and thin.   He entered my life when I was a young newlywed, barely 23 years old. I was young, naive, thought I knew it all especially when it […]

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Simple-3 Ingredient Apple Crisp Recipe! The Kids will LOVE!

Saturday it got darn right chilly! So chilly that our little Anna woke up ecstatic declaring Frozen was on the way! Haha! She put on her mittens, scarf, hat, and pants and ran outside to play in Frozen and wait for snow.   When the snow didn’t arrive she came inside along with her older […]

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How I Spend my Free Time

I lay in bed strategizing ways to tactfully make my way down the stairs, grab my book from the living room, and make a mad dash into the family room without waking up a soul. It was going to happen, today was my day! I was going to do it! I was going to read! […]

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