FREE Kid-friendly Activities in Toledo (2015)

  FYI- If you are looking for fun year round activities you will want to click, 101 Places to go with Kids in Toledo! And yes, some of those are ...

birdbath 101

Upcycled Birdbath

My 4 year old and I had the pleasure of attending a Chess Tournament on Saturday. Her sister who is in 3rd grade participated in the tournament while we kept ...


Minivans & Muffin tops Show (vlog) & Giveaway ($75 value)!!

  Giveaway time….. To enter the giveaway: 1-Like Mom on the go in Holy Toledo on Facebook 2-Follow @mamaof3onthego on Twitter 3-Comment stating what you REALLY want for Mother’s Day ...

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sunrisefun 113PIZZA

Why I Make My Kids Cook Dinner

Mealtime seems to be a stressor in most families and ours is no exception.  Children’s homework needs to be double checked, spelling words gone through, the littlest is demanding attention in any way possible, be it painting the walls or herself, doorbell rings, dog barks, phone rings, and in the middle of all the chaos […]

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5 Signs you are an Overscheduled Mombie

I am showing all the signs of an overscheduled Mombie, are you? Here are 5 Signs you are an Overscheduled Mombie:   1. No time to get the maintenance done on your 2nd home a.k.a vehicle I had a mini panic attack while trying desperately to find a two hour window when I could get […]

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burrito_spring 039

5 Signs that Spring has Officially Arrived!

5 Signs that Spring has Officially Arrived: 1. The ladies are exposing more skin. Time to ditch the scarves gals!! Let your necks feel the fresh air. And grab those open toed shoes! Get a pretty pedicure and rock those strappy sandals! Eeee!!! Thank goodness, I was getting close to burning my boots…I mean I […]

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castle_aquariumnewport 123

Petting Sharks in Kentucky!?!

Lookout Kentucky here we come!!       Woot Woot!! Newport Aquarium!! We have arrived and are precisely 205 miles from Toledo…kids got a kick out of the sign, had to take a pic!     Our little biologist nearly lost her mind! She was beyond excited to see the number one thing on her […]

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castle_aquariumnewport 067

Castle in Ohio!? WHAT!? Totally falling in love with Loveland!

I know, I was shocked when I heard the news too, a castle, in Ohio? What!? And how have I never heard of it before? It is a little hidden treasure in Loveland Ohio, which by the way is just the cutest town!   Our little Knight was beyond ecstatic to visit the castle; he […]

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eastercake 023

Flowerpot & dirt or Cake?

Nailed it! Well, mostly nailed it! We decided to make something for Easter dessert this year. Something way outside my comfort zone…I totally ditched the security blanket! Instead of grabbing something from Costco we went big! We made something! Something fun, bright, & delicious! We decided on a flowerpot & dirt cake, complete with faux flower. We were […]

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easterflowers 012

Simple & Jazzy Mason jar Vases

  I adore a simple, yet elegant, table-scape and the Mason jar vase with a burlap wrap is the perfect inclusion!   It is so simply to make these! All you need is: Mason Jars (I like varying heights; it adds more depth and dimension to the table-scape) Glue Dots Ribbon and/or Burlap (I like […]

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Time to DITCH the SECURITY BLANKET Linus!? Sometimes we get caught up in the mundane, the routine, it becomes our comfort zone, our security blanket.  Want to truly feel alive? Ditch the SECURITY BLANKET! Do something that scares you a little today…maybe talk to a stranger in the checkout line, wear bold colors, speak up […]

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The Pick Up Line

I am super excited to have Guest Blogger Brandi from withBrandi here today!! She is an amazing & relatable mommy blogger. The kid-friendly foods & activities she shares are brilliant & fun! She is a glass is half-full type of gal with her positive outlook and one of those rare peeps who you instantly feel […]

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Vlog: Things they don’t tell you before you have Kids

  What is something you wish they would have told you before you had kids? Wanna get your hands on one of those Holey Toledough Handcrafted Gourmet Donuts? Click here    

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