30 Date Night Destinations in Toledo

  Date Night!! The two words every couple looks forward to, especially those with kids. It means a night away from the kiddos, to reconnect with your spouse, to remember ...


10 Tips to Keep the Romance Alive While Raising Kids (Bonus: 20 Date Night Destinations in Toledo)

Uninterrupted dinners for two, energy to stay out past 2am, shaving above the knee, wearing high heels & lipstick, allowing intimacy to present itself anytime & anywhere in the house, ...


The Chore Charts of 2016, Baby!!

It has taken me a few weeks to admit this but I have fallen into a rut. I have become a bad influence on my children. I have become that ...

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We NEED Your Help: Help Addysen Get a Diabetic Dog

This story was brought to my attention by one of my amazing and beautiful followers, huge thank you to Linda Smith for sharing Addysen’s story with me. I will be totally honest, I became a little emotional while reading Addysen’s story, I started tearing up, my heart goes out to her and her family. Her story […]

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Makeovers & Mimosas: Because You ARE Beautiful!!

Feeling a bit down, like you just don’t stack up against the rest? You don’t have to look far to have those feeling confirmed. Just log onto Facebook, Instagram, or practically any social media outlet and you will be bombarded with before and after images. The before images often show a woman with excess fat, […]

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Monster Jam® is coming to TOLEDO!! WIN TICKETS!!

Monster Jam® is blasting into 2016 with a new 10-city arena based, points-paying Monster Jam endurance showcase, featuring the biggest and best lineup of Monster Jam trucks highlighted by more of what the fans want to see…more racing, more freestyle, more donuts, more wheelies, more trucks, more action…#MoreMonsterJam!. These select markets will also be treated […]

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How to Survive Joy Robbers

We are all familiar with the phrase Grave Robber, a crime in which an individual raids a tomb to steal artifacts or personal effects from the deceased. Just to clarify that is a crime in which a soul that has passed on is robbed of material thing. However, when an individual steals the joy, a […]

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Vital Ally for us Moms on the go!

I stood there trying to hold back the tears that wanted to gush out like a tidal wave. So much was going through my mind when the mechanic informed me that after spending the day and $460 to fix the heat and defrost in my SUV it still didn’t work. I would have to bring […]

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The Happiest Omen for the New Year includes the fruit found in these two recipes! (FYI: they have anti-aging effects!)

So what is this fruit? Here are a few clues: people often mistaken it for a vegetable,  its skin contains phytochemicals, it is full of antioxidants, it protects cells from the effect of free-radical damage, thus it has anti-aging effects (um, yes, please!),it is packed with fiber, and it is a good source of potassium […]

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2016planner 022

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 (cringe)

Since today is the first day back to our “regular” routine I consider today to be the first day of my New Year’s resolutions. Did you know you could do that? Why should January 1st have all the fun? I say we spread that lovin throughout the month, shoot, even the year, if need be. […]

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Latest Fashion Obsession & LulaRoe Giveaway!!!

This morning I find myself deeply conflicted. I am sitting her, sipping coffee, and literally daydreaming about leggings, yes, I said leggings! I fear I may lose all self-control. My willpower is weakening by the hour. If I don’t give them away soon I am busting those suckers open and wearing them!!! You are probably […]

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Best of2015thirteen

BEST of 2015

2015 has been such a fabulous year, filled with fun road trips, delicious food, and awesome experiences! It has been such a joy & delight sharing all our excursions…. Here are the top 10 of 2015:  (click on post titles to be redirected) 1. Falling in Love with Loveland: Castle in OHIO!   2. Wauseon: An […]

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Toledo’s Winter Break Survival Guide! (10 Fun & Mostly FREE Activities!!)

I will be honest, when I heard the kiddos break started on Friday Dec. 18th I got my calendar out and counted how many days until school resumed, in case your wondering, 17 days including weekends, 17!! Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my kiddos but 17 days without a routine, scary! […]

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