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Math Flashcards

In an effort to combat summer brain drain I am getting the ...
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Bird themed activities for kids! (Free Printouts)

Last summer we had the pleasure of observing Robins make a nest ...

Holy Week activities for Children (Printables,Free Music, and More!)

Our daughter and son have brought home many Secular Easter related coloring ...

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Resurrection Eggs

After church on Sunday the children went on a Resurrection Egg hunt. For those not familiar, Resurrection eggs are a set of 12 plastic Easter Eggs each containing a specific object inside related to the true story of Easter (crown of thorns, dice, chalice, etc.). Each egg has a scripture reading, devotion, and short story […]

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Kids, Pets, & Life Lessons

Say hello to the newest member of our family, Angel!     Angel the Guinea pig has quickly found a soft spot in each of our hearts. In fact the first night in our home all 3 kiddos slept by the cage, it was precious. And for the first week our son slept next to […]

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American Dream Builders ($50 Lowes Giveaway)

My dream home would include an open floor plan, larger closets, new kitchen, and room for everyone to grow! The American Dream Home is something everyone fantasizes about. Whether it’s a new closet, a larger family room, or simply a place to put all your stuff, there’s always something we want to change about where […]

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DIY Easter Wreath (kid-friendly craft)

For our Little Flowers Girls’ Club meeting last week was discussed obedience, the Ten Commandments, watched The Prince of Egypt (cartoon version), and did a fun craft. The girls made Easter wreaths. They were really simple and the girls seemed to enjoy making them and adored the way they turned out. So I figured this was one […]

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McDonald’s Clubhouse, date night destination? (and Giveaway)

Date Night. What comes to mind when I hear those two words? Date night to me means, momma having to do lots of cleaning/prep work, disagreements, too much money, and guilt all for a few measly hours away from home. And the final words that come to mind when I hear date night, not worth […]

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Poop & Mud must be Spring!!

If one more person asks me if I am happy because Spring starts tomorrow I am going to scream! Not because I am pessimistic but because I know that the ‘actual spring’, you know, with green grass, flowers blooming, etc. is weeks away. The reality is that I am going to be looking out my […]

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Wholesome, Flavorful, & Kid-friendly Meals (includes coupons & recipes!)

When I hear the word Campbell’s my mind goes back to a simpler time.  A time when the biggest decision of the day was what type of cereal I should have for breakfast. When my day would consist of play and not coming home till the street light came on, when there were no iPhones, […]

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Reasons #10, #9, & # 8

There are 101 reasons why 3 year olds rule and here are #10, #9, #8……. We attended a Bowling Birthday Party this past weekend and I managed to capture the interaction, the joy, and pure beauty between our 3 year old and her friend. The images eloquently capture the essence of 3 in  all its […]

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Monster Jam Fun!

My most favorite thing to do on this planet is to enjoy new experiences as a family. And yesterday’s experience ranks in my top ten! Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend Monster Jam! But wait, it gets better.  First we had Pizza in the Pits! The kiddos got to dig in the dirt, color, […]

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Redirecting our Family’s Focus for Lent

I have been reading the book, Balancing it All, by Candace Cameron Bure for our playgroup’s book club. It has really brought some topics to light regarding family and what my influence is a parent and wife.  It has had me reflecting on ways to redirect my family’s focus and I cannot think of a better […]

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