kunkleparade 009

Kunkle 4th of July Parade!

We hit the road early in anticipation of a fourth of July parade like none other!! At least like none other that this city girl has seen. Our destination, Kunkle, ...


Minted, brings a whole new meaning to Treasure Map!

I am always on the lookout for cool, unique, and possibly customizable gifts. Gifts for graduations, weddings, birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, you name it! I have always kind of ...

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Imagination Kingdom

I don’t know what is more fascinating, the Imagination Kingdom or all the amazing people who made Imagination Kingdom possible! This project is a true example of what is possible ...

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artmuseumblueskies 047BOREDOMBUSTERS

101 Kid- Approved Boredom Busters!

Whether it is week 3 of summer break, the first day of spring break, a snow day, weekend, etc. parents dread these three words, “I am bored!”  I have collated a list of fun activities that are certain to bust their boredom. Then I took it a step further and had my kiddos approve each […]

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Gluten FREE Pizza, that tastes good!? It DOES Exist!!

It has been a LONG difficult week. A trip with the gals to Columbus proved to be a bit more tempting than I had anticipated. Mind you, I did pack healthy food and snacks, which worked at first.  We stopped at Starbucks (I had a cup of dark coffee), The Thurman Café (I had a […]

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Clean underwear NEED not apply!

As I stand here in my kitchen I find myself becoming overwhelmed with emotion; gratitude, appreciation, and love.  Yesterday everything broke, our garbage disposal, dryer, and food processor (mid-preparations for Father’s Day!), it was frustrating, inconvenient, and financially stressful. Today is our son’s b-day, 8 years old!! We really didn’t plan anything big( not even […]

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5 moms & NO Kids for 24 Hours!

Every generation has that “boy band” that all the adolescent girls swoon over.   In 1950 it was, The Clovers, Ames Brothers, Drifters, Four Freshmen, ect.  1960/70, The Beatles, The Jackson 5, The Monkees, The Osmonds, etc.  1980s it was New Edition and New Kids on the Block, 1990s welcomed, Boyz II Men, All-4-One, Backstreet Boys, […]

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Road trip + convenience food = THE WORST temptation!

  As many of you know, I “killed” cereal, as my 7 year old so eloquently expresses, about 11 weeks ago. It hasn’t been the easiest road but the results have sure made it worth it! Since limiting consumption of grains in our diet I have lost 8 pounds and 4 inches around my waste […]

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Playtime_atTMA 050

Playtime Exhibition Celebration: Harnessing your inner child at TMA

I knew we were in for a great time when I opened my car door and was greeted by the base….because let’s be honest, it is all about the base (sorry, couldn’t resist, haha!).  The evening was officially declared as a girls’ night out. The men folk in our family decide not to accompany us. […]

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girlsroom_sreadingprogram 011MT

Bacon Meatloaf with Dei Fratelli tomatoes! (Gluten Free)

There is something comforting, nostalgic, even welcoming about the aroma of bacon coming from the kitchen. I don’t know if it simply reminds me of my childhood & visits to my grandmother’s house or perhaps it is the anticipation of tasting the crispy goodness?  Either way, it stirs up nothing but pleasant and delicious memories […]

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Will you accept the Summer Reading Challenge?

It is officially day 1 of summer break! Bring on the long days at the pool, meeting up with friends at the park, roasting marshmallows & making s’mores, catching fireflies, watching fireworks, lazy days at the lake, and so much more.  Eeee!! Parents we have the POWER to make it a SUPER FUN summer!! But […]

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lastday_waterslide 076PARTYTRENDS

5 Trends that’ll make your Kiddos Summer Party Sizzle!!!!

1.  BIG SUMMER BASH in lieu of birthday parties: There seems to be a big trend forming, parents are opting to spend more on one HUGE summer bash for their kiddos as opposed to hosting big birthday parties for each child. I must admit, I am 100% onboard!! Don’t get me wrong we will still […]

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puddingbuildit 026PUDDING2

Avocado Willpower Pudding!

When trying to establish healthier eating habits the most difficult part, at least for me, is coming in contact with SO MANY temptations! I had a run-in with one last weekend and it was a doozy! We were at a graduation party and they were serving one of those AH-mazing Costco cakes.  You know the […]

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